Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Purpose

You may say that the lack of my blog entries reflects my current situation, I'm in a rut!

To try and get me out of this rut I've turned to someone who has helped me in the past, a counsellor who also does hypnotherapy. For those sceptics out there, there are no swinging watches involved and I don't end up dancing like a chicken. Well I don't think I do  . . . . . .

The hypnotherapy is more like meditation while the therapists talks and ask you to explore your thoughts. Anyway, my first session was today and we made some headway into why I'm maybe feeling a little stuck at the moment. One possibility we are exploring is that my focus is only on the day to day tasks I need to get done and no bigger picture or longer term goal. This means that I don't have anything really driving me forward, which is true, I don't really have a long term goal on my mind.

So what do we do to change this? Well at the end of our session I was given some homework and this is where I see myself once again in a rut. To help me out I thought I would turn to you, my friends for inspiration. Put your thinking caps on and get a little philosophical with me.

My homework is to figure out "What is my life purpose?"

A quick response from me was that my current purpose is to look after my kids, seeing I'm a stay at home Mum. But the lovely Claire clarified that being a Mum is my role not my purpose. So it's a big question I'm left with and I have only a week to try and figure it out.

Do you know what your life purpose is and are you willing to share it to help me find mine?

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  1. Maybe life is the journey we take trying to find our life purpose. Perhaps it is only retrospectively that we really know what it was. I think firstly it is being true to your self, from there it is easier to know what drives you and makes you happy.