Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Purpose

You may say that the lack of my blog entries reflects my current situation, I'm in a rut!

To try and get me out of this rut I've turned to someone who has helped me in the past, a counsellor who also does hypnotherapy. For those sceptics out there, there are no swinging watches involved and I don't end up dancing like a chicken. Well I don't think I do  . . . . . .

The hypnotherapy is more like meditation while the therapists talks and ask you to explore your thoughts. Anyway, my first session was today and we made some headway into why I'm maybe feeling a little stuck at the moment. One possibility we are exploring is that my focus is only on the day to day tasks I need to get done and no bigger picture or longer term goal. This means that I don't have anything really driving me forward, which is true, I don't really have a long term goal on my mind.

So what do we do to change this? Well at the end of our session I was given some homework and this is where I see myself once again in a rut. To help me out I thought I would turn to you, my friends for inspiration. Put your thinking caps on and get a little philosophical with me.

My homework is to figure out "What is my life purpose?"

A quick response from me was that my current purpose is to look after my kids, seeing I'm a stay at home Mum. But the lovely Claire clarified that being a Mum is my role not my purpose. So it's a big question I'm left with and I have only a week to try and figure it out.

Do you know what your life purpose is and are you willing to share it to help me find mine?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Appreciation over Expectations

I have a new motto in life, care of Rebecca Gibney and her Women's Weekly interview.
Lower your expectations and raise your appreciation
Too often I find myself thinking, if only......... If only we had a little bit more money, if only our house was a big bigger, if only we could fly to Fiji tomorrow!

Of course there's nothing wrong with day dreaming and having aspirations, but while I'm spending my time on wishful thinking I'm missing out. Missing out on what I do have. What I think we tend to forget is that for all those things we're wishing for, someone else in thePublish Post world is wishing for what we have.

So from today I'm going to try my best to love my life as it is and remember just how lucky I am. Although I'm sure  a daydream of lazing on the beach in Fiji might just sneak in here and there!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Cookies Make a Great Mum

Last week was my toddler's 3rd birthday, and after I got over the shock that he was turning 3, I needed to make something for him to take to pre-school.

Of course in this day in age, it's not just as easy as cupcakes and toffee like when we had a cake stall at school. Now there are the dreaded allergies to consider. For our kindy it's nuts and eggs. Nuts are pretty easy to avoid, but making a cake that tastes ok, without eggs, not so easy.

So I hit the internet and found a few options but then one of my favourite ingredients and favourite cooks came to my rescue. Condensed milk and Betty Crocker!! Then end result was yummy chewy choc chip cookies with chocolate freckles on top, thanks condensed milk. But it was Betty who made them really special, thanks to a trick I saw on a packet of her very own cookie mix. So the cookies were transformed into cookie lollipops.

Now they might not look super flash in the photo but they were a raging success with both kids and other Mum's! Lots of "wow look at those" and "you'll have to give me the recipe!". Enough to make me blush with pride and to boost the self esteem to the dizzying heights of baking success!!
Today I felt like a great Mum.